Watch: Satterfield, Royer, Sorsby, Canteen, Bartlett, and Stokes recap transfer class

Scott Satterfield and his staff added 27 new additions to Cincinnati's program this off season following a disappointing 3-9 finish in Satterfield's first season.

Despite the disappointing results on the field, Satterfield explained it is important to address things head on and not try just forget about what happened in year one.

Satterfield went on to explain a few of the different things that this group has done this off season compared to last.

One of the more interesting topics this off season is the quarterback position. 

Indiana transfer Brendan Sorsby was brought in to compete for the number one spot on the depth chart following the graduation of Emory Jones. Satterfield explained the competition within that quarterback room and what it has been like working with that group this off season. 

 Sorsby described how his experience of playing at Indiana last season as QB1 helps with his transition to UC and what he brings to the locker room.

Coach Satterfield mentioned that he feels Ohio State transfer Joe Royer can be "one of the best tight ends in the league," despite having multiple hurdles get in his way while at Ohio State. 

" He looks like you're supposed to at that position," Satterfield told the media. " He can really move and has done some great stuff as far as the winter workout stuff."

Royer and Sorsby both described what this transition has been like so far as they enter new programs.

The overall theme from the comments heard today is that there is a night and day difference in the attitude, mentality, and overall cohesiveness of this year's team compared to last season's. 

Multiple guys returning from last season's team have mentioned the difference in the culture within the locker room and that the focus has been on the team and not individual goals. 

The full press conference, which also includes comments from Derrick Canteen, Kye Stokes, and Jared Bartlett can be watched below:

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