Video: Scott Satterfield, Mason Fletcher, Corey Kiner, Luke Kandra, Dontay Corleone, Gavin Gerhardt Discuss Off Season

 It's officially portal season. 

Scott Satterfield and the Bearcats are coming off a disappointing 3-9 season but are looking to build on the lessons learned from the losses.

UC has seen 21 different players enter the transfer portal from the 2023 roster after the recent announcements of defensive back Oliver Bridges and linebacker Dion Hunter. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Scott Satterfield and his team leaders met with the media to discuss the off season and what the Bearcats are looking to add through the transfer portal as we inch closer to the national signing day period from December December 22nd.


Key Takeaways:

At times throughout this season, it was evident that there were potential issues within the locker room with player opinions not aligning with the timeline or vision of the coaching staff. Scott Satterfield made it evident in today's availability that his staff and team leaders are looking for players through the portal that fit the culture piece and are able to buy in to the vision of this staff.

- Dontay Corleone mentioned that players being added through the portal must be willing to take coaching, be willing to buy in, and also have the ability to hold others accountable.

- Fletcher, Corleone, Kandra, and Kiner all hit on their loyalty to Cincinnati and how great the city and this program are. Kiner described Cincinnati as a place for winners and something both he and his teammates want to be apart of.

- Satterfield stated defensive back, linebacker, and wide receiver were three position groups they would look to address through the transfer portal.

- All five student athletes mentioned they announced coming back prior to the opening of the transfer portal to show their loyalty and trust in this coaching staff and the vision for this program. 

- Overall, it sounded like there will be a big culture movement this off season with this being a player led program that holds one another accountable both on and off the field.



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