Spring Football: Scott Satterfield 3/27 Post Practice

Scott Satterfield met with the media following Wednesday afternoon's spring football practice.

The news of the day was former four-star quarterback Brady Drogosh making the switch from quarterback to linebacker.

Scott Satterfield discussed that decision:

"Number one, we all love Brady Drogosh. He's a phenomenal human being but a great player and you know, we looked at it first half of spring play all quarterback, which he did, got a ton of reps at quarterback, did a very solid job, and you know our whole emphasis is we got to find somewhere to put Drog on the field. I don't want him standing beside me on game day. So whatever we can do to make that happen. He's such a great athlete, so let's slide over on that side, let's see you run around, play some defense and we recognize it's going to take a little bit of time over there."

Taylor Keeton was on hand to get Satterfield's post-practice comments, as well as photos from the day's action.


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