First Look at Central Florida: Everything Gus Malzahn said about the Bearcats

By: Ryan Roberts

Central Florida started the season 3-0 but have since lost 5 consecutive games heading in to Saturday's match up against the Bearcats.

Head Coach Gus Malzahn met with the media Monday afternoon to recap UCF's 41-28 loss to West Virginia and look ahead to Cincinnati. Everything he said about the Bearcats below:

Opening Statement on Cincinnati:

UCF is in a similar situation as the Bearcats, having lost 5 straight and in desperate need of a win to keep their bowl hopes alive. Malzahn responds to if this is a must win game:

Gus Malzahn is not just familiar with Cincinnati, but he is also familiar with Scott Satterfield and this UC staff, having faced Louisville while Satterfield was there. He discussed that dynamic below:

Gus Malzahn is 1-1 against the Bearcats after UCF's 25-21 in Orlando last season. Malzahn discussed the natural rivalry between the two programs.

Malzahn ended the Cincinnati discussion giving his thoughts on Emory Jones and the UC offense as well as Cincinnati's strength in the defensive line:

Injury Update:

Malzahn also mentioned that defensive backs Ja'Cari Henderson and DeJordan Mask will both be out for the season with injuries. The two combined for 22 tackles in 6 appearances this season, with Mask having an inteception against Kent State, 

Scott Satterfield will meet with the media on Tuesday at noon to take one last  look at the Oklahoma State loss before looking ahead to the UCF game.

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