Dontay Corleone Update

When it was announced 11 days ago that All American defensive tackle Dontay Corleone would be out indefinitely from the blood clots found in his lungs, it came as a shock to a lot of people.

"Fortunately for us, there was nothing else. Everything else is healthy. No other blood clots" Satterfield told Media at Big 12 Media Days in Las Vegas.

The Cincinnati trainers were able to catch the issue early, which has allowed Corleone to re-join the team for workouts, following the announcement of the condition.

"Right now, (Dontay) is working with the medical team. He actually is back with our team working out."

"Started last week he will continue to work out all summer, hopefully. We're taking it day by day but hopefully as we progress throughout the summer and head in to fall camp, he will be available to play and available to go. 

Being one of the biggest topics surrounding Cincinnati Football at Big 12 Media Days, Scott Satterfield went further in-depth on the current status of Corleone and what the future looks like for a guy that has been all in on Satterfield and the Cincinnati program since day one.


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