Big 12 Coaches on what Cincinnati brings to the league


Regardless of which metric you look at it, it is clear that the Big 12 is the best basketball conference in the country. The league produced back to back national champions in 2021 and 2022 and Texas Tech lost in the national championship game in 2019. (The game was cancelled due to Covid in 2020)

During Wednesday's Big 12 Media Day inside T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, league coaches had the following to say about the addition of Cincinnati:










The overall vibe from the league coaches was that they have an understanding of the proud history and tradition that Cincinnati brings to the Big 12. The coaches also seemed to really have a great deal of respect for Wes Miller and understanding that he is going to continue to improve the trajectory of this program and utilize the Big 12 resources at his disposal.

Wes Miller discussed below how the move to the Big 12 has helped elevate recruiting and how it ties in to non conference scheduling:


We will have more coverage of Big 12 Media day over the next day as we continue to digest everything said by the coaches and players during today's availability in Kansas City. 


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