Aziz Bandaogo has waiver appeal denied


On Friday afternoon, Aziz Bandaogo and the University of Cincinnati made it publicly known that the 7'1 Utah Valley State transfer's waiver appeal for immediate eligibility as a second time transfer had been denied. 

Bandaogo released the following statement on his twitter:

Cincinnati head coach Wes Miller and athletic director John Cunningham released the following statement, per Justin Williams of The Athletic:

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has already sent a letter to the NCAA on behalf of Bandogo and mentioned the NCAA's decision being "likely illegal"


Wes Miller had the following to say at Big 12 tip off in Kansas City a few weeks ago after receiving the initial news that the requested waivers of Aziz and Temple transfer Jamille Reynolds had been denied:

 Stay tuned as we continue to track how this all plays out. 

Cincinnati hosts Detroit Mercy tonight at 7pm, so this will likely be a hot topic in the post game presser. 

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